Oh, what magical adventure, love and light awaits you. Fiddlefun!

You have landed in a world of magical wonder, endless joy and gentle kindness.

In this land of Lexi and the Magic Cats, you are free to be YOU. Unapologetically YOU.

Let’s journey together and find your wings along with Lexi, the magic cats, the fairies and… fiddlefudge… I must say no more. It is now your turn to turn the pages and discover the wonder that awaits you.

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Roxanne has written and illustrated her first children’s book. She is currently writing the second book to the series of Lexi and the Magic Cats. Her characters are inspired by real life animals and people.

This young fiction trilogy focuses on overcoming childhood challenges such as shyness, doubt, worry, embarrassment and not good enough in a magical, gentle and relatable way.

Roxanne creates fiction for children to help them learn how to take action towards their own futures.


Struggling with intense shyness, Lexi is taken from her dull everyday life, only to discover a magical new world.

She explores unexpected friendships, with five magic cats in the depths of snow covered forests.

A story of mystery, magic and great hope for our children.


“A wonderful writer and true artist. A beautiful soul who creates magical stories.”

Agata Kowacka

“Let the adventures begin! Shine your light brightly, impacting young lives.”

Charmaine Reed


Thank you to Maryiam for inspiring me. I value your feedback!

Big fan, Maryiam shown here, with permission from her parents, giving feedback on a brand new manuscript! Watch this space.


Jason holding his favourite character from Lexi and the Magic Cats: Master Horatio the Owl.

Jason shown here, with permission from his parents.